Ferrari and Maserati Garage

Customers who have purchased one of our cars, Ferrari or Maserati, expect the very best in repair services or assistance, and this is possible only at garages in the Official Network -- in other words, at ROSSOCORSA in Milan or Brescia.
Rossocorsa repairs and maintains the entire Ferrari and Maserati including historic cars, in a garage entirely dedicated to the Classic cars of these two brands.

At the garages at our headquarters, we've thought of everything so we can offer the customer the best in quality and service, to satisfy every demand, by adopting the most sophisticated systems and the most innovative technologies.

To learn about all the assistance and repair services available in the Rossocorsa network, call our receptionists at the following numbers:

Francesco Rossi           Tel: 025770091 Valentino Elvezia          Tel: 0302161358
Massimiliano Bellani    Tel: 025770091  
In Milan, the reception area features a marvellous glassed-in gallery dedicated to a permanent exhibition of historic cars, with an area reserved for our Customers' cars staying with us long-term, and of course there is the garage equipped with 12 bays and cutting-edge instruments.

All parts are supplied directly by the parent company, so they are original parts guaranteed by the toughest standards.

Finally, your car will always be in good hands with the skills of our specialised technicians; they are constantly updated in courses held at the Ferrari Training Centre in Maranello, and in Modena for Maserati.